Who is Ken Wilber? 

As I mentioned on my introduction page, one of the most significant moments on my journey was when I discovered Ken Wilber, a prolific writer and modern day philosopher, and his AQAL model for Integral Theory. In addition, the Integral Living institute which serves to educate and inform all regarding Ken and his works plus those of other expert teachers of Integral Living. 

So what is Integral Living? 

“It simply means whole, complete, full, all inclusive. It is both a theory and the basis of a life practice. It demonstrates how to integrate and include body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. This means … a life that “makes room for everything,” from wild rock star to devoted family man, from bodily pursuits to spiritual practice, from nature worship to meditation, from business practices to play and fun.

Experience the wholeness of the world and your relation to it and as it—that is, find your True (and Unique) Self, the union of infinite and finite, Emptiness and Form, this moment and your Awareness of it—let them all be one, and rest in that ongoing Oneness.

Integrate the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, even in the smallest gestures. Help others until it hurts. Leave the world a little more whole than you found it, and thus join evolution in its Divine destiny, awakening your Unique Self as well.” – Ken Wilber

I cannot do justice in explaining this philosophy and so I have included the link below which will take you directly to the Integral Living website. There you will discover more about this amazing man and his works but also the community that helps put his Integral Theory into real practical advice for about as many areas of life you can imagine. It will change your life for the better. So click on the link below and be prepared to discover a life-changing philosophy.

What is AQAL?

AQAL is a model developed to help explain how it is possible to look and evaluate different matters from different perspectives and to appreciate how these different perspectives relate integrally with each other. Distinctions are made between that which is within (interior) a person(s) i.e. thoughts, values and culture as opposed to that which is outside of oneself (exterior) i.e.  an individual´s learnt behaviours or skills. As well as for a group of individuals collectively; services, governments, legislation and societies at large. In addition, how each of these view points are dependent on the spiritual and intellectual evolution of individuals and societies. 

 Ken Wilber, explains it much better himself in the video below:

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