1. Exhibition details

    2023-11-11 09:18:57 UTC

    Happy Saturday everyone ! Well as promised I am telling you about the solo exhibition I am doing here in the south of Spain. I was delighted to be invited by the Sotano1Arte gallery in Estepona recently. After the launch party earlier this week the exhibition will be run until…

  2. New painting

    2023-10-30 10:49:57 UTC

    Getting ready for my up coming solo exhibition, I barely managed to get this last piece dry enough for transporting today. I´ll post more from the exhibition after the launch next week. ´Feria´ (charcoal and oil on canvas - 160cm x 200 cm)

  3. The oldest dog in the world at 31 !

    2023-10-06 11:23:51 UTC

    I didn´t even know this was possible. How this makes my heart sing with joy ! please give it a moment for this video to load

  4. No comment ….. just watch and FEEL !!

    2023-09-16 20:22:45 UTC

    No comment, just watch the video and feel the message …….  Please wait a moment until the video has loaded if it hasn´t already.

  5. The Donkey and the Tiger

    2023-09-05 10:12:25 UTC

    Take a look at the world we live in today, never before has this fable been so relevant ! please wait a moment for the video to load if it hasn´t done so already

  6. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”

    2023-08-30 18:01:21 UTC

    A recipe for inner peace If you have had a chance to read my section on meditation and in particular the part about ´suggested reading´ you will recall how I revere, the marvellous author and teacher, Jack Kornfield.  I believe that in every generation there exists great teachers. Each lighting…

  7. Happy Friday

    2023-08-25 06:59:54 UTC

    Just thought I´d share a video to brighten up your day.  Please wait a few seconds for video to load

  8. A choral meditation - Agnus Dei (by Samuel Barber)

    2023-08-16 10:34:43 UTC

    Sometimes, life shakes you up so much that you can find it hard to centre yourself. For me when this happens, I find a piece of music that is both helpful to meditate to but also leaves me in a kind of place that is sometimes referred to as being…

  9. The Lion´s Gate 8/8 Portal 2023

    2023-08-08 20:50:32 UTC

  10. August´s two super full moons

    2023-08-02 09:46:41 UTC

    TWO supermoons in August mean double the stargazing! The full Sturgeon Moon reaches its peak on Tuesday, August 1st, 2023, and then we have a full Blue Moon on Wednesday, August 30th, 2023—and it will be the closest supermoon of the year. When to See the Full Moons in August

  11. Let Ruben´s cupid put a smile on your face today

    2023-07-26 09:23:53 UTC

    (Please allow a moment for the above video to load) The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love — whether we call it friendship or family or romance — is the work of mirroring and magnifying each other’s light. Gentle work. Steadfast work. Life-saving work in those…

  12. BE KIND - It´s the size of your heart that matters

    2023-07-18 23:34:10 UTC

    “Everyone has something and some way of being and something to give”

  13. A tribute to the artisans of Puglia, by Dolce & Gabbana

    2023-07-16 14:48:47 UTC

    Happy Sunday all! from a very sunny and very hot south of Spain It has been nearly 10 years since my departure from the world of couture and fashion and yet from time to time certain things catch my attention. Today was one of those times when I stumbled across…

  14. Website update

    2023-06-26 12:26:06 UTC

    As I have said on a number of occasions, I am treating this site as an on-going work of art. Now that might be seen as a bit of a cop-out, and maybe it is, but wouldn´t that be just living authentically too?  Anyway, this post is just to announce…

  15. Awake not woke

    2023-06-16 19:46:19 UTC

    Think of the hours it takes to read a book or the hours we spend watching films and TV. Now imagine sitting calmly with a cup of tea or in my case a bottle of wine and  listening to a podcast. As I´ve said many times before, this site is…

  16. Happy Summer Solstice

    2023-06-15 10:02:02 UTC

    Summer has arrived here in the northern hemisphere, and the summer solstice this year is on the 21st June and marks the beginning of the season. This solstice is the first of two that will take place this year The summer solstice will mark the longest daylight hours. The amount…

  17. The creative process

    2023-04-16 09:32:47 UTC

    I´m sometimes asked to explain my preferred process with which I use to paint. So I thought why not make a wee blog about it.  Artists generally like to use varying sources for the subject of their paintings. Some of course may pull an image or evoke a feeling directly…

  18. The beauty created by strangers working together

    2023-04-05 09:58:45 UTC

    Jacob Collier, showing how beautiful the world is if we work together.

  19. The simple things in life are free

    2023-04-03 10:44:15 UTC

    Just up the lane from me is where I like to go and enjoy the solitude and tranquillity. Where is your little haven of peace?

  20. Happy St Patrick´s Day !

    2023-03-17 00:01:26 UTC

    Who was St Patrick Really? A St Patrick´s Day celebration continues into the night with a drone display in Dublin. Some music to get you in the mood. The Irish diaspora. Why is St Patrick´s Day, March 17th, celebrated across the globe? Well one reason might be that there are…

  21. Thought for the day

    2023-03-13 10:23:39 UTC

    (Please allow a moment for the video to upload)

  22. ¡Feliz Día de Andalucía!

    2023-02-28 13:25:24 UTC

    Happy Andalucia Day ! The national holiday, Andalusia Day, is celebrated on the 28th February, commemorating the 1980 autonomy referendum. Most people outside of Spain would perhaps know the national Spanish flag (on the left below) but within Spain each of the 17 autonomous regions (and two autonomous Cities: Ceuta…

  23. Talk Radio Interview with Donald Brennan

    2023-02-23 10:34:43 UTC

    A Short while ago, I was invited by Hanna Murray at Talk Radio Europe, for an interview about my former life as a couturier and my current life as an artist. (note: At the end I refer to my former website which has since been replaced with this one)

  24. Terrified of not living

    2023-02-17 21:07:57 UTC

    A dear friend just sent me this video. It resonates so deeply within me that I had to share it. I hope it touches you too. 

  25. Happy Love Day !!!

    2023-02-14 13:23:04 UTC

    Be my Valentine ….. whatever that means Who exactly are we referencing when we call ourselves someone’s “Valentine?”. Much like the nature of love itself, it’s largely a mystery. Some say St Valentine was a priest and physician who lived in Rome and was killed by emperor Claudius II around…

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